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Choose The Best Hotel In Langkawi

Langkawi in Malaysia is one of the popular tourist destinations in the country because of its pristine natural beauty comprising of 99 islands on the west coast of Malaysia. With tourists coming here to break away from the monotony of their daily lives, hundreds of hotels ranging from local homestays to 5-Star beach resorts can now be booked depending on their budget.

But how do you go about choosing the best place to stay? For those looking to splurge on luxuries of the high life, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi offers the best retreat. It will offer you escape from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life.

Ideal things to look for


There are many 4-Star and 5-Star hotels available that claim to provide exceptional services, but do they deliver? Check out user reviews instead of hotel ratings to find out for sure.


Every hotel should have a distinct taste in their decorate and overall architectural theme. Otherwise, it just falls into the category of a boring place to stay. Do a quick photo search about the hotel you want to book to see what kind of architecture it has been built.

View from room

This is the main thing most tourists look for in destination hotels. Be it the sea, mountains, or the forest, providing a window view to nature’s wonders always puts a hotel in a high-ranking. Be sure to pick a room that gives you an unobstructed view.

Room service

Guests are the reasons why the hotel business is in existence, and hence, the satisfaction of the guests should be the priority of every hotel. Read user reviews about experiences of the guests before booking a spot for your own.

Customer satisfaction

All the factor high views mentioned above lead to this aspect. Customer satisfaction ensures that they come back to stay again and give a chance to a hotel to offer their hospitality. Overall customer satisfaction goes a long way to lending credibility to the services of a hotel.

Attractions in Langkawi

This beach destination offers tourists a chance to soak in the sights and sounds of Malaysia that is widely different from the city experience. Often preferred by Honeymooners for the beautiful and natural romantic scenes, you can indulge in numerous activities such as Cable car rides along the beach, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, organize a trip to the Tanjung Sanctuary, or just lay back and relax by the beachside in your comfortable recliner. The options are endless in this top tourist destination in Malaysia.…

Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island Guide: Things To Do And See

If you are planning to have a vacation in Thailand, it’s highly recommended that you visit Koh Chang or Elephant Island. This beautiful island is the very definition of paradise. It has steep and jungle-covered mountains, white sand beaches, affordable resorts, and a party scene that can equal if not surpass that of mainland Thailand.

It was only in the mid-70s that foreign tourists started arriving in the area.

Places To Stay In The Island

Accommodation within the island is not a problem beIslandcause there are over a hundred resorts, bungalows, guest houses, and hotels that operate in the area. To make sure that you have a place to stay when you arrive, it’s advisable that you book in advance. This is especially important if you’re visiting the island during peak seasons. Some of the more well-known places to stay in the island include Gajapuri Resort, The Emerald Cove, The Dewa, The Mercure Hideaway, Warapura Resort, Little Eden, Oasis Bungalows, and Lazy Republique.

What To Do And See In The Island

There are a lot of fun activities that you can immerse yourself in when you are in Koh Chang Island. Obviously, you can enjoy the island’s white sand beaches and swim in its crystal clear waters. You can also go on backpacking adventures in the surrounding mountains and jungles.

It’s best that you go hiking in the company of a local guide to ensure that you don’t get lost on the way. There are also several coves in the island where you can go snorkeling. And of course, you can go for what is called elephant trekking. You’ll ride atop an elephant and go for walks around the island while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Things To Remember Before Going To Koh Chang

Access to fundKoh Changs on the island is not a problem because there are several ATMs in the area. As to safety, the island is more than peaceful. However, don’t ever try to sneak any drugs into the region because Thailand has severe penalties to those caught using drugs. There’s internet connection on the island as well so that you can connect with your loved ones back at home. In conclusion, a place is a great place for weary backpackers and travelers. We’re hoping that this simple Koh Chang Island guide helped you in deciding to visit the place.



Cheap Vacation Tips

When budgets are tight, vacations are often one of the items to be cut. Despite the fact, that economy might be wobbly, but that should not hinder you from traveling-your travel dreams are still valid. The most important thing is how you manage your travel budget and implement your skills to create a better trip. A cheaper vacation does not mean that it is a day trip to a tourist destination but with these tips, you will not be able to plan a cheaper vacation, but it will be a better one.


Take Advantage of Vacation Deals

Some international hotels and resorts offer coupovacation tipsns or promotion codes periodically. They offer savings on travel and accommodation packages, weekend deals, mid-week deals and even special occasion deals. Take advantage of these deals and save thousands of dollars. Browse the internet for travel coupons or vacation promotion codes or the like.

Travel Off-Season

It is well known that during summer is the best time to visit Europe and when it’s winter; it’s great to visit the Caribbean. If you travel during this time, the prices are too high, and you will incur a lot regarding spending. Try and travel during shoulder season just before or during the peak season. During this time, the prices are low, and the weather is still nice. Though shoulder season might not be sunniest or warmest the prices are far better.

Book last Minute

Essentially seaairfare do skyrocket the last minute when making reservations but not in all aspects of travel work. You are likely to save 25% on your bills booking cruises and tours late. Few if not any
want to send out an empty tour or an empty ship so companies will scramble to fill space which has not been sold. The best time to get this deal is few weeks before your departure. On the other hand, booking early is like four months earlier can help you a score a great deal.

Visit Less Known Destinations

Take some time and research for less known destinations. You will find beaches, family camps, cruises, outdoor adventures, riverside cabins, mountain resorts and even spas one of which will match your vacation. These less well destinations are far cheaper than the good destinations. A well-known destination will attract thousands of people and as we all know, the higher the demand, the higher the price and vice versa.…