Tips to Make Winter Camping Warmer

Winter camping is cheerful but, however, good it sounds, it is not like any other camping. Keeping yourself warm during this time is the key to having a memorable camp and the right clothing will make the difference. These tips will help you to stay toasty during your winter camping.


Choose Carefully the Camping Site

Choose an area that is out of the wind and also avcampingoid low-lying areas such as valleys because cold air settles in such areas. Set your camp in an area that is, at least, 50ft above the valley floor. Once you have established your camp site, if it is filled with snow, take time and pack the floor down. Ensure you pack it down hard so that you do not end up ripping a hole in the bottom of your tent due to stepping on a soft spot. The entrance of your tent should face downhill. If it faces uphill, cold air will flow in.

Bed Time

This is the time when the body cools down. Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare carefully. You can prepare this by drinking hot liquids, hiking or doing some jumping jacks so that you are warm before you climb under the covers. Invest in insulating clothing; not just stocking but underneath clothing as well. What is underneath you is as important as what is on top of you. Sleep in your socks and boots; the more layers the better. If it is extremely cold, take your extra clothes and lay them on the sleeping pad so that you off the ground.

Become a Snuggler

If there is something better that will make you warm is to have a cuddle buddy. This simply means you don’t have to camp alone. Share the tent and sleep close together and share the warmth. In case someone is sick, hurt or experiencing frostbite, using a buddy system is vital for safety (take this serious). Share with each other knowledge and skills how to remain warm as combined skills is an added advantage.

Consume Calories

Calories are heat units that will burn in your body keeping you warm during your camping period. During this time, you will need to forget about watching your waistline. During shivering nights, keep snacks on hand to replenish calories. And because you are camping in the snow, it does not mean you skimp on hydration. Drink a least one gallon of water a day.