Getting the Best Day Excursion from Sorrento

Posted on: 12/06/2017, by :
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Nothing is more surprising and extremely gratifying as having a day trip from Sorrento. This trip has the most exciting experience you could ever have from the spectacular splendor of the Amalfi Coast and the neighboring environment. This day trip takes about eight hours from Sorrento and in those eight hours, you will be able to experience a very exciting scenic tour of a lifetime.


Activities involved in this day tour

Traveling along this route enables you to explore the stagy landscapes of the Amalfi Coast as it shines in the broad car servicedaylight. You will be able to marvel at the views of the incomparable Mediterranean Sea that stretches for over forty miles from Sorrento. The tour will involve visiting picturesque villages and towns along the route including Ravello, Amalfi, Scala, and Positano among other spectacular centers.

The towns of Amalfi and Positano for instance, are so colorful and allow you to stroll at your pace enjoying the great decors. During the day tour, you should also expect meet with local craftsmen and artists displaying their artisans as well as their talents at the Cartad’Amalfi. Also, the tours will not end without you driving past the deep ravine of Gulf of Salerno as well as of Monte Cerreto.

What to expect on this day tour

Considering the activities involved in the day tour from Sorrento, be assured to expect some unusual phenomena along the way. Expect to be part of a small group that will discover the striking towns along the route including Positano and Ravello as well as enjoying the histrionic Amalfi Coast. Expect to spend some free time strolling along the artistic boulevards dipping down the hills of Positano as you follow a pick-up driving from your hotel. You will discover some beautiful and colorful potteries as you pop into small relic stores along the way.

At the base of Monte Correto, you will experience an amazing phenomenon of the cliffs hanging on the entrance of the deep ravine. In addition to these beautiful sceneries, also expect to drive through villages and town and experience the history, culture and traditions of the local people displayed through the local craftsmen and artists.

Other tour support available

car serviceThe day trips from Sorrento are full of tour support services including a private transportation carrying a maximum of eighteen people, drinks such as water, coke or beer, snacks such as tomato sandwich, cheese, and vegetables. You will also have a driver at your disposal to guide around as well as an English-speaking assistant to translate and narrate the history of the area.