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Top Camping Essentials

Camping is a great way to get away from the daily work routine and the hustle and bustle of life. The time you spend outdoors will help you to clear your mind, in addition to being a lot of fun. To ensure that you have the best time while camping, it is essential that you have all the camping essentials. Adequate planning and preparation are essential. While planning, some of the top camping essentials to account for are highlighted below.

Mapstravel map

If you do not want to get lost, you should consider bringing a map with you. That should be more of the case if you are going camping in an area that is new to you. A map of the destination will also help you to know where all the cool spots are, which you can visit to maximize on your camping time. Ensure that you get the most updated map. You should also consider getting a compass to help you with navigation.


Once you get to the camping site, you should pitch a tent, in which you will sleep and be safe from the weather, insects, and wild animals. The size of the tent that you get should depend on the number of people that will use it. Camping tents can accommodate up to 12 people. You may have to decide whether it is better to share one big tent or get smaller ones and divide the campers into smaller groups.

Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag is meant to increase your comfort during the night. For that reason, you should pick a comfortable one. Consider what the temperatures are likely to be during the time of camping and choose an appropriate sleeping bag. If you are not so much for the idea of sleeping on the ground, you can consider getting an air mattress or sleeping pad.


road travelA majority of campsites do not provide any lighting. It is, therefore, your responsibility to bring your source of light to help you see at night. One great source of light would be a campfire. Make sure you pack everything you need to start a nice campfire and keep it going. You can also carry headlamps, flashlights, and lanterns as alternative sources of light.

First-Aid Kit

There are chances that you or your fellow campers may be injured. Having a first-aid kit will help to take care of the injuries before medical care can be accessed. Ensure that the first-aid kit you get has band-aids, gauze pads, tape, painkillers, and disinfectants among other essentials.


Tent Heater – Choosing The Best One To Meet Your Needs

Are you planning to camp out during winter? You may need to have a tent heater as part of the accessories to make your camping experience enjoyable. Other than being a useful accessory to use in the wilderness, it can be regarded as one of the important things to keep you warm during the night. In fact, without a reliable heater, it can be awfully cold. This is the case during the winter season. Finding the best tent heater should not be a difficult process. By doing some research, you will find some models that meet your needs.

Choosing a tent heater

Size matters

Some catentmpers want to cut costs and end up purchasing a tent heater, which is very small. Depending on the size of the tent, you should carry out some research and determine what you exactly want. Remember that same hazards apply for the large heaters. On the other hand, oversized heaters are at risk of burning down your whole tent. That should be the worst thing to expect while at the wilderness.


There are times people purchase the right tent heater but do the installation incorrectly. As a result of incorrect installation, you might think it is not working well for you. Thus, before you get out to the store and get another one, you should look at it closely at the manner you install things. Moreover, ensure you do not just replace something you do not have to replace. It is advisable to consult a knowledgeable person who can verify your tent installation.

Why you need a tent heater

Camping tecampingnt heaters, whether catalytic or electric, can mean the difference between a miserable and great camping trip. During the day, you can hide from the heat, but at night, you cannot escape from the cold no matter the sleeping bag or tent you have. In fact, sometimes they will fail to keep you warm. Some reputable companies such as Mr. Heater, Zodi, and Coleman feel your pain and troubles. They have made some of the top tent heaters to keep you warm during the cold nights in the outdoors.

Most campers prefer catalytic heaters to electric heaters. This is because catalytic ones take propane cylinders and are regarded to be safer than electric heaters. Unlike electric models, you would not need a place to plug them; that makes a better option as far as portability is concerned.…